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How’s Your Home Recording Studio Setup?

Here’s 2 songs I recorded in my home studio:Believe me, if I did it so can you… check it out – 2 songs from one of my CD’s “Rock & Roll Saxophonist”:

Swing That Thing If That Ain’t Love

*Note of interest:
This is music I recorded all in the digital domain. It’s not electronic or computer based music but rather very organic, band based using all real instruments like piano, hammond organ, stand up bass, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, real drums and vocals.

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Home Recording Studio Equipment

You can record your own music in your home recording studio with top-notch, high quality results that’ll match your local pro studios… depending of course on what equipment you invest in and how you go about using it.

You have 2 choices for what to use as the “heart” of your home recording studio:
Computer Based System or Multitrack Digital Recorder?

Multitrack Recorders
Digital multitrack recorders have been around for decades. They can also be called digital recorders, portastudios, and audio workstations.

Computer Recording
You can piece together a PC that’ll run a recording software program or you can buy one that was built specifically for that. Either way, it’s gotta have a ton of speed and RAM otherwise you will find yourself sitting and crying at your desk more often than you like. Take a look at some of these :


Audio Software Recording Programs
To record into a computer you will need an audio software recording program. This is how you will be able to manipulate the audio recorded into your computer: record, edit, and mix. There are many such program available, from free to the ones pro’s use such as Pro Tools and Logic…

Digital Audio Interface
When recording into a computer you’ll need an audio interface to plug your microphone and interments into, this turns your analog signal into digital so your computer can accept it.

Mixing Board
You can get away without a mixer if you’re just recording yourself doing a track at a time but if you’re doing drums and a group you’ll need a mixing board to have control over all the different sounds.

See below for easy to get started and cheap Recording Packages…

Recording Package

recording-packageYour quickest and easiest way to start recording your songs.


I know a lot of people just want a complete and cheap Recording Package to lay down some sounds and get going right away. Something just good enough to put down song ideas and produce a good demo of it.


A recording package can range from just a microphone, stand and cable to a portastudio to a complete package that includes the software, interface, mic, speakers, cables and even MIDI controller. Everybody has different needs and are in different stages of where their studio is at.


Following are some I've reviewed recently to give you an idea of what's out there in a few different combinations and price range:


This is the fastest and easiest way to get started if you don't have a really good computer or just don't want to use your computer as the heart of your recording studio… get a multi-track hard disk recorder.


I can highly recommend the Tascam DP-02 for an all-in-one multi-track hard disk recorder, or portastudio as some call them. Read the review: Tascam DP-2


What if you have a good computer and want to use it to control your recording studio?


recording packageFull Pro Tools Recording Studio For $69?


If you have a mic and/or a guitar or keyboard and want to record into your computer I've got some great news for you…


For a measly $69 you can get Pro Tools recording software and an M-Audio digital interface to plug into your computer and away you go! It doesn't get any cheaper than this: Pro Tools Recording Software and Audio Interface, check it out at


… to be continued!

Best Laptops for Music?

Yes, you can get a laptop powerful enough to run your home recording studio…

Not talking about a notebook type like used for school notes and emailing… you need speed, RAM and lots of it! Best Laptop For Music