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M-Audio BX5a Review


M-Audio Studiophile BX5a – Deluxe 70-watt Bi-amplified Studio Reference Monitors


 m-audio-bx5a-reviewM-Audio knows their stuff and they know the market. They're not competing with the high end market where components are in the $1000's range but I'd like to show you in this M-Audio BX5a review that you can make a good decision for your recording studio in these monitors.


If we all had to spend a few grand for every component needed to put together a home recording studio most of us would never get it finished!


M-Audio is a company who serves this market quite well. Their stuff is generally very good with the odd complaint here and there but that's to be expected… overall good stuff and very competitive pricing.


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The Studiophile monitor line is a good example of this. A large selection of quality studio monitors with a price range for everyone. At the very low end in the $100 range are the AV20's, AV30's, the AV40's right up to the DSM2 which sell in the $800 range.


Not surprisingly, the best selling model is the AV40's available at Amazon for under $150 these days.  For us who can shell out a few more bucks, around $85 more than the what the AV40's cost, the better choice are the M-Audio BX5a's. The big jump in wattage power alone is well worth the difference.


The Bi-Amps Are The Difference.


The BX5a speakers have 2 amplifiers built into each speaker and this is the main reason for the quality increase over the other Studiophile models mentioned earlier that are below this model in price.


Having 2 amps per monitor means that both the high end and the low end speakers have their own dedicated power meaning much better efficiency in frequency response which of course equals better sound and that's what it's all about after all.


The Good

  • Best bang for the buck in this price range
  • 70 watts per channel
  • Bi-amped

The Bad

  • No cables included
  • Individually powered so 2 electrical outlets are needed


M-Adio BX5a Review Bytes From Other Users:

"I hooked it on the MBox outputs and it was truly glorious. Simply outstanding "


"…great even at low volumes"


"These are replacing my M-Audio 40s. The 40s sound great, but I decided I was looking for larger sound. These BX5s sound absolutely superb"


"The AV40's were so sweet, but these are even better and they have noticeably more low end"


What About a Warranty?


Yes, one year manufacturer warranty on any defects.



More Features:

  • fabric silk covered tweeter for a natural response
  • 5 inch woofer
  • Sub-Frequency rear port discharges low frequencies under 60 Hz
  • High-density MDF enclosure with extra interior reinforcement

Best Place To Buy Online?

At last check the price was only $235 at


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