Studio Monitor Reviews


Every pair of studio monitors will give you their own distinct sound. Yes, they will each sound quite different from one another that's why every pro studio has several different pairs of monitors.You should too in your home studio for creating the best mixes possible.


If you can only have one pair then it should be one that is very accurate and doesn't discolor the sound. If you can go to a large music store and listen to all the studio monitors they've got set up you'll notice how different they can be from each other. Below are some of the best studio monitors you'll find without getting into the 5 figure price range.


KRK Studio Monitors

Highly known and respected for their accuracy KRK studio monitors was founded in 1986 by Keith Klawitter, an audio engineer who got tired of using monitors that just didn't give him the clarity and accuracy he needed so he started building his own.



KRK Rocket G2's

rocket-g2The KRK Rokit G2's come in a few different sizes and prices. There's the RP8G, the RP5G2, and the RP6G2. The best of these and the most expensive, but at only $250, are the RP8G2's.



Yamaha HS80M Studio Reference Monitor

The HS80M's are true and accurate studio monitors in the same tradition as the very popular NS10's which were some of the most accurate studio monitors ever produced and used in just about every studio in the world at one point.



M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers

These are good home studio speakers suited for the desk top. They can't compete with the Yamaha's but are good bang for the buck at $149.





m-audio-bx5a-reviewRead my full review on the M-Audio BX5a Studio Reference Monitors. These really nice for any home studio and can be bought new for under $250.